BoB (for Builders)

3. BoB magazine 


BoB was published from 2008 to 2019 with an editorial stance of independence and boldness (and often irreverence) – we were the Builders’ Guide.

Our objective was to ‘help good builders be better’ and we did that through providing advice around the day to day business activities builders undertake – project management, costing jobs, staff management, product selection, health and safety and other legislative impacts.

We had a ‘Builders ‘Forum’ in each issue, with builders on the tools discussing the issues of their lives and sharing ideas and tips which also provides an opportunity for trialing product and getting immediate feedback, too.

BoB ceased in December 2019.

4. BoB eDM

Endgain has an email database of 20,000+ LBPs. We have been emailing this list for five years and have found it an extremely effective channel when a strong call to action has been implemented.

We have used it to sell a product manufacturing business, market aluminium window and door frames, recruit staff and franchises and sell builder tools.

The list is regularly emailed to and our telemarketers call the list at least once per year, so it is regularly updated. The last email had a 2% (hard) bounce rate.

It works extremely well in conjunction with editorial in the BoB magazine.

There is a charge of 0.50c delivered email and data charges thereafter (for programmatic/remarketing programmes).


  • 20,500 emails on our LBP database
  • National coverage with regional breakouts available
  • Targets builders and or architects/designers
  • $0.50cper eDM to the full database, with discounts for follow up emails


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